10 Benefits of Milk Thistle

Milk thistle comes from the plant family that also consists of the common daisy. It thrives naturally in countries in the Mediterranean area, and it has been used for centuries to produce natural remedies.

There are various plant parts that can be used as a way of treating a large array of human health conditions. The most frequently seen of these is in treating problems that are related to the liver.

Here are 10

in terms of human health and wellbeing.

Liver health

Milk thistle is commonly used to treat problems that are related to the liver. In milk thistle, there is an active ingredient which is called silymarin, and it is that which reduces the production of free radicals.

It is thought that this action brings about a detoxification effect. And in turn, this proves to be of benefit for those that suffer liver problems.

Skin health

Though there is still not entirely conclusive evidence, it is believed that milk thistle, when it is applied to human skin, has an anti-aging and antioxidant effect on skin cells.

Reduction in cholesterol

It is thought that milk thistle works in helping to keep the levels of cholesterol down in humans.

Helps with weight loss

Again, studies have not been entirely conclusive, but it is believed that milk thistle is useful in helping people to lose weight.

Reduction of resistance to insulin

For those that suffer with type 2 diabetes, resistance to insulin is a definite problem.

While some research has been carried out with regards to diabetes management and milk thistle, more is required to formulate conclusive evidence. Nevertheless, it is thought that milk thistle could reduce insulin resistance and thereby it can be helpful in the management of diabetes.

Improves symptoms related to allergic asthma

Milk thistle’s active ingredient, silymarin, helps in reducing inflammation. In turn, this means that, albeit inconclusive, sylmarin could be of benefit to the reduction of asthma symptoms.

Limits cancer spreading in the body

There are some types of cancer that milk thistle is thought to limit in terms of spreading around the body. Again, further research is required to ascertain how milk thistle can effectively be used in fighting against cancer.

Improves the health of bones

It is thought that milk thistle tea could be responsible for preventing bone loss which is caused when there is a lack of estrogen in the body.

Improvement to cognition

Studies have suggested that milk thistle could help with resistance to what is known as a potential reason for the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Due to a reduction in oxidative stress, milk thistle is thought to improve cognition in addition to being able to treat the degenerative condition, Alzheimer’s, which affects the mind.

Provides a boost to the immune system

It is thought that milk thistle could strengthen the human immune system which helps in fighting against infection.

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